Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Antariksh Logidrome Warehouse in Bhiwandi, Commercial Godowns Bhiwandi

Antariksh Logidrome Warehouse in Bhiwandi, Commercial Godowns Bhiwandi
Antariksh Logidrome is spread over 125 acres, Antariksh Logidrome is a combination of Infrastructure, a complete system of Logistics Systems, for your systems & operations and a strategic Location. Located on the strategic Location with the vicinity of warehouses complex.
 Planned Layout with strategic advantages.
 Exquisite and perfectly designed Antariksh Logidrome is situated at Octroi free zone Padgha-Kalyan Road, Mumbai- Nashik Highway.
 Delivering services from planning to execution with renowned architects and engineers, Antariksh Logidrome has strategic Advantages such as wide internal roads, gated security cabins, loading/ unloading Platform, phases of development with strong design, values, imaginations and applications of it.
 The strength of Right Approach, systematic delivery, Antariksh Logidrome provides perfect support in terms of structure, quality, reliability with optimum space utilization and well- laid out plan fulfilling the end user needs.
 Architectonics, planning, engineering, contemplate design, sequence solution together blend with business client’s commitment.

 Antariksh Logidrome provides perfect support in terms of structures that are well designed and are built to give complete performance and reliability. Not just this, the structures also derive a lot of multi-functionality for you with optimum space utilization and well-laid out plan
PEB Structure Advantage
 The PEB Structure at Antariksh Logidrome provides following advantages at one go: Highlights
•Strong Walls and Divisions
•Wide Ground Area
•Less Regular Maintenance
•Turbo/Ridge Ventilation and Light
•Certified Metal Structure built
•Under Supervision
•Systematic Roofing/Flooring
•Specialized design, engineering and planning
•Gala Layout/Specifications
PEB Sheds at a glance:
•Side Height 30’ center height 41’
•Plinth, above 4.50 ft. land level
•Galvanized Sheet (Corrugated)
•Wall 12 ft. from Floor, Bare Cladding
•Trimax (V.D.F) Flooring- 6- 8 Tonnes capacity per meters
•Loading/ Unloading Platforms
•Construction Expansion with best class ceilings
•Ridge Ventilators on side wall of sheds- Turbo facilitating 6-time air change every day
•5% Sky Lights/ FRP Sheets for better day Light
Antariksh Logidrome provides all the modern facilities and amenities suiting to all your requirements.
•24* 7 secured premises
•Concretised Access and Internal Roads
•Wide Entrance Gates for vehicles of all sizes
•Well- lit Internal Roads for easy working in night
•All emergency utility services on call
•Internet and wi-fi connectivity
•Green Layouting
•Conference centre
•Weigh bridge
•Power station
•Adequate water supply
•Continuous Electricity supply
•Drainage Facilities

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